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Please Read before registering your team - Registration link is at bottom of this page

All registrations are due by January 13th, 2024
All players must be a member of the Sierra Nevada BCA Pool League.  Players will be dual sanctioned with BCAPL & Western BCA and can qualify for play in each of the area tournaments.
BCAPL is owned by Cue Sports International (CSI). Stats, schedules, and more information can be found at, there is also a link on the "Player Information" page of this website.

ANNUAL SANCTION FEES  in the amount of $35 will be assessed on players first day of play for the 2024 calendar year.  100% of sanction fees will be paid by the League operator to CSI (BCAPL) and to Western BCA.

SESSION FEES   Each TEAM will be charged a 1 Time session fee of  $50 for 8 ball teams -  $30 for Scotch Doubles  by the second week of play, this fee  goes to pay the  SNBCAPL staff.

8 Ball 3 player teams & Scotch Doubles (more details on the registration form)

-Players will pay $10 to payout pot + $3 GREEN FEES per night of play - Pot  money is paid back at 100% to the teams. 
-Team captains will be expected to have $13 per player in their envelope after each night of play.


-Weeks of play:   Approximately 15 weeks each session/division.  Spring/Summer:  January to June.  Fall/Winter: August to December.   Actual number of weeks will depend on number of teams in each division.

-Matches are to be played on the scheduled date or within 2 weeks of the scheduled date. No reschedules will be allowed after the last date of play. 

-Players will be sanctioned with CSI and Western BCA. Players will need 8 weeks of play in a single division to qualify for Team play at CSI World Championships in Las Vegas & Championship events with Western BCA.

-Teams will provide their own envelopes,  write team name & date of scheduled match with the weekly fees paid in cash. Envelopes need to be dropped in drop box by 7PM the day following the match or penalties may be assessed.  Session and Sanction fees need to be in a separate envelope and list full name of sanctioning player &/or team name paying session fee.

-Carson City Dropbox locations are at Eds Dog House
-Reno dropbox locations are The Local & Coaches 2 on McCarren.

A few more details can be found on the registration page and in the league bylaws

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