All players must be a member of the Sierra Nevada BCA Pool League. 
BCAPL is owned by Cue Sports International (CSI). Stats, schedules, and more information can be found at
An ANNUAL SANCTION FEE of *$15 will be assessed on players first day of play between 100% of sanction fees will be paid by the League operator to CSI (BCAPL) and to Western BCA.
*Note from BCA: Effective immediately, the membership cycle will switch to a simple calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31). All player memberships that were received after Feb 29, 2020 will be valid until Dec 31, 2020.
8 Ball only: 2 divisions: 1 in Reno & 1 in Carson City
-Players will be on their own to schedule their upcoming matches.
-Each player is solely responsible for their own $, scoresheet, & drop-off.
-We do not want to receive calls that a player isn't showing up or can't get ahold of a player.
-Register only if you want to and will commit to playing!
-We will post schedules with a Sunday date and time which simply means "anytime that week" .
-We will post player contact numbers on the website.
-Matches are to be played within 2 weeks of the scheduled date (unless extenuating circumstances arise) or by the last week of play, which ever comes 1st. Matches may be played anytime before your scheduled date. --Matches can be played at any location.
-Players must agree on the location AND players must contact the location and request a table to play on AND players will split the cost of the table for the entire match i.e. you will pay the quarters or table rental.
-We will sanction this singles league in Las Vegas ONLY therefore, the annual dues will be $15 for each player for CSI.
-Players will pay a session fee of $10 for each division they choose to play in, then $10 per match.
-This singles session will qualify players for Vegas in singles & scotch doubles ONLY .
-Race will be R5 using the chart section of the Fargo rate app.
-$/scoresheet can be given in person to Kristen, Sam, or Cindy OR dropped in a dropbox in Reno at Sneakers on S. McCarren or in Carson City at Ed's Dog House or Bulldog Billiards.
$10 per day of play is paid back to the players at 100%

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