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The BCAPL SCORING APP is our method of scoring all match's for all divisions.  First download the Fargo Rate app, find yourself and create a login. DO NOT pay for the full version of the Fargo Rate app, the full version of the FR app will show up after your sanction fees have been paid thru Sierra Nevada BCA Pool League. Download the BCAPL scoring app and login with the same credentials as the Fargo Rate app.The app can be found in your Apple or Android app store.  It is easiest to use the app on a tablet for scoring but either one will work.

Contact Cindy @ 775-691-8185 to get help setting up your scoring app.

Tie breaker games must be texted to Cindy 775-691-8185

*Choose "Search" for Sierra Nevada BCAPL choose current year and your Division.
*For upcoming match Fargo rates choose "Schedule" click on your match. A PDF document will pop up with both teams/names Fargo Rates. Fargo rates change daily wether you play or not.  

Thank you and Happy Shooting!

 Dropbox locations


CARSON CITY -  Ed's Dog House, HomeGrown Bowl, & Allstar

RENO -  Sneakers(3923 S. McCarren Blvd)

& The Local (In storeroom, ask bartender for access. Please drop envelope with your own hand)

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