Paper copies of League bylaws, schedules, new scoresheets, new fargo rate calculator instructions , new member sanction & session fees report form were passed out at the Captains/Players meeting.  If you were not able to make the meeting, please contact myself or Kristen to have the PDF's emailed or texted to you.

*Choose "Search" for Sierra Nevada BCAPL choose current year and your Division.
*For upcoming match Fargo rates choose "Schedule" click on your match. A PDF document will pop up with both teams/names Fargo Rates.

*OR.... DOWNLOAD THE FARGO RATE APP FROM YOUR APP STORE , SIGN IN AND SEE YOUR UPCOMING MATCHES AND FARGO RATES ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE :-)! The full version will show up after your Sanction fees have been paid thru our league and CSI has entered my payment.

*Each team or singles should have their own list of Fargo Rates in order to assure your rates are correct for that night of play
*To be sure you have the most current ratings, print the Fargo Rates for your match the day of your match.  


Thank you and Happy Shooting!

 Dropbox locations


CARSON CITY - Bulldog Billiards & Eds's Dog HouRENO - Sneakers #2 on McCarran & The Local, In storeroom, ask bartender for access (Please drop envelope with your own hand)

CARSON CITY Bulldog Billiards & Ed's Dog House