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Next Session to Start ASAP

We are eager to get the next session started! ...


is now open

If I have all the team info, I will be able to get divisions started almost immediately when we get the "OK"  

Even tho teams may not have locations, you may enter your 1st choice or TBD in the location field.  

Carson City 8 Ball - Tuesday's

Carson City 10 Ball - Thursday's

Reno 8  Ball - Wednesday's

Reno 10 Ball - Monday's

Due to the current health concerns from both our players, the community, and the country, Sierra Nevada BCAPL will be ending this session immediately. We have many teams with players that range in age and health conditions that have expressed concerns for continued league play due to the heightened risk in gatherings. We would rather head this off now then compromising the health of any of our players in coming months.

Due to the length of the session so far, we realize that not all players have been able to play 8 matches to qualify for 2021 worlds. We have come up with a solution to qualify those players that want it. We will take unqualified players and match them up against each other in a team format (not specific to their actual team) enough times to qualify. These matches will have no effect on payout or team standings but will serve only to qualify players.

Concerning payouts for this short session, Sierra Nevada will not be paying out the same as if this was a full session. Because not all teams have been able to play all opposing teams the same number of times or, in some divisions, the same number of weeks, this session will be paid out on wins alone. We understand that this may be a undesirable choice to some teams however this is the only sound option for a season cut this short and unequally played by teams. We will NOT be paying top shooter this session as we did not have enough weeks to allow players on the teams to compete for those spots with 8 weeks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. We hope to get your support in our summer/fall session. Please contact Samantha Valentine with any questions or concerns at (775) 691-6912.


Cynthia Valentine- League Operator

Samantha Valentine- League Secretary

Kristen Lorentsen- League Treasurer

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